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With our easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, we combine all necessary data and provide you with customized reports whenever you want it, wherever you need it. T-Rec is not just a mobile software solution. It’s your eyes on the field.

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It’s a battle out there

Take control of your field team’s activities, access your sales tracking anytime of the day, received real-time feedbacks, be ahead of the competition - you are the master of the universe! Contact us to get a Free Trial to know how T-Rec could help improving field team performance on the battlefield.

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Here, there and everywhere

Manage your field team attendance, daily store check, route-mapping, work scheduling, instant messaging - you name it, we got it. This is the ultimate sales force application. All activities are Geo-tagged for better precision, enabling real-time updates on your team’s position, giving you a clear view of the whole operation at that exact moment.

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Logistic statistic

Get your daily inventory tracking delivered in real-time: on-shelves, in-warehouse, buffer stock, bad stock, returned goods, expired goods, and more to come. These set of information will provide Management with sufficient data as the basis to execute quick action, aim to minimize Out Of Stock (OOS) to ensure maximum product availability on each store.

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Seeing is believeing

A picture tells a thousand stories. Our quick-upload feature enable all parties to capture and share info on-the-go. Perfect for clients that require regular maintenance and field management functions, such as planogram checking, promo implementation and/or comparison, also highly compatible to support other merchandising activities.

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The price is right

Knowing your product’s price in the market is crucial. Knowing how much your competitor sell their product is priceless! T-Rec will assist you in getting the insight you need about your product’s price compared to competitors, enabling the company to maneuver a suitable price to best-fit the target market.

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